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THE LIFE TOUR "One Revolution At A Time"


Rant and Release

Posted on August 15, 2010 at 4:08 PM

Some people have this idea that thoughts of change can in itself manifest into a positive reality. We can meditate on ideas of peace and harmony all we want, but remember your human form. Life is movement.  Push past your own limitations, think outside of your own needs and be amazed. I believe the "collective consciousness"  is only a part of the solution that will come naturally once we become aware of the destruction that is happening all around us and make decisions on what can be done that will benefit the "whole". WE MUST TAKE ACTION! We must make socially responsible decisions and put them into motion.

I feel things have come full circle on reasons why I left on this journey. It's been a struggle to try to re-introduce myself into this uncivilized society, after having seven months of ultimate freedom.  Having only to worry about my basic human needs, having the time to lend a helping hand, to connect to every given moment, to explore the depths of my true self; that has been both cluttered and undiscovered  from  years of conditioning; to become a part of  the slave race we are today.

I am trying to find creative ways to obtain things that are essential for continuing our tour, without having to be sucked into this draining "Brave New World" of American society

We will be back on the road as soon as we possibly can for the sake of our sanity! 

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